Onepager Websites

Also referred to as a Landing Page is a website that consists of only one long webpage. It can be used for various purposes, like introducing a company, showcasing a portfolio, or explaining a specific project.


Standard Websites

The types of websites includes multiple pages that showcase of a brand is all about. This website is suitable for corporate organizations such as Real Estates, Travel Agency, Construction, Law Firm, NGOs, etc...

Ecommerce Websites

An ecommerce website is an online platform designed to sell products or services electronically. Essentially, it's an online store where customers can browse, select, and purchase products from the comfort of their homes.

Custom Web Applications

They are software programs specifically designed to automate a business process or address the unique needs of a particular organization or individual. The functionalities are tailored to solve a particular problem.

Other Projects

See other works we've done below including the ones done for our partners.

  • EHAI Nigeria

    An organization website we contributed in the development with the project owner, Rancleave Ltd.

  • Smart Homes Investment App

    A custom real estate investment application we helped pioneered for a real estate company in Nigeria.

  • The Jemimah Show

    A website for a TV Show with blogging feature.

  • Yellowpoint Group

    A one-pager corporate website designed for Yellowpoint Group on behalf of Rancleave Ltd.

  • Abilfat Travels

    A travel agency website we contributed in the development with the project owner, Rancleave Ltd.

  • Admission Management System with CBT

    A custom web application to manage student admission process and also enable the registered students to take a computer based test.

  • City Furniture, Delaware

    An ecommerce website designed on behalf of Rancleave Limited for CIty Furniture in Delaware, USA.

  • Automatic Receipt Generator

    An automatic receipt generator to generates pre-designed reciept template base on user's input.

  • Ambulance Dispatch System

    An automated system to allow users receive emergency request and dispatch available driver to the location.

  • Stock Control System

    An automated system developed for a HP partner company in Nigeria to allow the owner of the business to monitor stock of the company. It was first developed in 2015 to keep track of inventory items.

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